[Driver-Parallel Lines](Utility-1978 Era)Wrecker


Driver: Parallel Lines

Description Edit

The Wrecker is a Tow Truck service van in Driver Parallel Lines, and is found in both the 1978 era and the 2006 era. It is loosely based off a Ford F150 or F250, and a front fascia of a GMC.

The Tow Truck can tow other vehicles in game, and drag them around, even the largest of vehicles can be town, but will slow down the Wrecker.

Performance Edit

The Wreckers performance is lower than a typical tow truck:

Top Speed: 100 MPH

Durability: Strong, but slows down a lot when crashed

Handling: Bad, acceleration is slow, and the steering is slightly irresponsible.

Locations Edit

  • Found in the Industrial area of Brooklyn
  • Found in the Tow Garage in Queens, where various missions take place

Trivia Edit

  • The Tow truck can be used to tow vehicles as part of repossession missions, the player must tow the car back to the Tow Garage, losing the police on the way.