"Get us out of here!"

- Calita to Tanner

Mission Edit

In the opening, The Gator enters an elevator with many other strangers and heads for the first floor, leaving a contracts folder at the receptionist desk, who wonders where the folder came from. The Gator is seen exiting the building and then some officers watching outside though CCTVs are heard speaking about a woman outside (most likely Calita) in an inappropiate way. Then, the camera switches in Tanner's perspective as he makes his way out of a mall with a police car on his tail. He loses the cops, drops his other members in a hideout and then ditches the car in the water.

Images Edit

Video Edit

Trivia Edit

  • During the elevator scene in the opening, the model of the original Tanner from Driver 2 can be seen as a little easter egg. Also, the protagonist from Stuntman can be seen entering the elevator and pressing the button. Reflections simply reused his face model and textures and put him in this Driv3r scene.
  • Tanner does not exit the car after the final jump, which in real life it would have been a mistake since the water pressure prevents the doors from opening, thus drowning you.

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