[Driver-Parallel Lines](4 Door Sedan-2006 Era)Torrex

Description Edit

The Torrex is a modern styled sedan in Driver Parallel Lines. It only appears in the 2006 era. it has an advertisement board on it and almost completely replaces the Wayfarer, allthough a few of them can still be found driving in traffic. Its stock form is always used as a taxi and thus it is always found in Taxi Yellow. However, every body mod for it removes the taxi sign. Performance is average in all areas. The top sped of a stock one is 87 in game. When fully modified, the Torrex can reach 101 in game.

Performances Edit

Top speed: 87 MPH

Acceleration: Good

Handling: Decent

Trivia Edit

  • Even though every fully modified Torrex does not have a taxi sign, the police will still refer to it as a taxi.
  • This is the second taxi in-game to have a turbocharged variant after the Wayfarer.