Times Square
Times Square in a promotional Image|px]]


Driver: Parallel Lines


1978 and 2006



Description Edit

Times Square is a large billboard design and entertainment area featured in Driver Parallel Lines, it is in the center of Manhattan. it is the biggest intersection/junction in the game, and features many lanes, traffic and buildings.

1978 Era Edit

In the 1978 Era, the buildings are much different, with totally different advertisements, some featuring the Atari Logo.

The road system is two way, divided on each side, in total, there are 8 lanes, 4 each way, with a pathway featuring food stands, signs and fencing dividing them.

2006 Era Edit

In 2006, the color scheme changes, with more modern blue and neon colors, billboards change as well.

The traffic features modern cars, more frequent traffic, with buses been less common than originally. City buildings have no difference, other than been a different color, thought this is due to the overall color scheme of the Driver World been changed in 2006 to add the modern part to it.

Traffic Edit

Here is a list of common vehicles appearing in Times Square, note some 1978 Era vehicles may make an appearance in the 2006 Era (Excluding the Zartex)

1978 Era Edit

2006 Edit

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