Tico is a character in Driv3r. He is the leader of a gang of criminals based in Miami.

Baccus, the driver for South Beach, betrays his own gang by cutting a deal with Tico and stealing South Beach's V8 for him. Baccus is later shot dead by John Tanner, who goes to the Gold Coast Hotel where the V8 is located. After fighting past Tico's men, Tanner takes the car back to South Beach in attempt to gain their trust.

Lomaz later tasks Tanner with trashing a yard owned by Tico before trashing the Red River Bar where more of Tico's men are located.

In a mission exclusive to the PC version of the game, Lomaz visits Tanner's house and tells him that Tico is going to kill Tanner personally for returning the V8 to South Beach. Tico, who had been watching from a boat outside, suddenly opens fire on Tanner's house and attempts to flee. After a lengthy chase, Tanner eventually kills Tico in a parking lot, along with his gang members.