[Driver-Parallel Lines](2 Door Sedan-1978 Era)The Mexican's Ride

The Mexicans Ride


The Mexicans Ride also known as Rosalita Racer or Rosalita Punk is an rare "2 Door Sedan" Vehicle in Driver : Parallel Lines at 1978 Era.

Vehicle is based on a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88


Top Speed : 164 KM / H

Acceleration : 10 Seconds

No difference with Rosalita.


  • Parked at Brooklyn parking lot turning mission "Rosalita Racer",Driven by The Mexican.


  • Turning mission "Rosalita Racer" , Go to The Mexicans Ride and wait for Mexican Punk racers,If they come just kill the drivers. Stole their vehicles one by one and store them, you will see that name of the car name are "Punk". Then you drive back and drive The Mexicans Ride to garage and after drive it to checkpoint for finish mission and then The Mexicans Ride is yours.