The Mexican is a character who appeared in Driver: Parallel Lines. Not much is known about him, even his real name is unknown, except that he owned a customized Rosalita roadster back in 1978.

Appearances in erasEdit

He was first seen in the post-mission cinematic after "Hot Wheels", where TK and Slink met him near a funland in Coney Island. Slink introduced him to TK, much to his dislike (which was later revealed as a joke) because "he's too young" (in 1978, TK was just 18 years old) and TK has a skinny build (asserted by this line: "I ask you for a driver and you bring me a skinny little girl?"). TK, feeling irritated about The Mexican's statement, is about to leave the meeting, but he offers TK work, and in return, TK agrees.

TK's first job with him was to defeat his last driver (who was put in his car's trunk at the previous scene) in a motorcycle race, which TK won. Then, in "Circuit Breaker", he send TK to cheat in a racing series by ramming all of the competitors, allowing the racer he had put a bet won.

28 years later, in 2006, his life had turned upside down. Turning into an arcade cashier by now, his prestige level had dropped and, much to his bad luck, become TK's first target. After a long chase where TK chased the elevated train he hopped into, TK killed him after surviving an ambush at the now-defunct funland in Coney Island.

Mission appearancesEdit

  • Hot Wheels (post-mission cinematic)
  • Circuit Breaker (Boss)
  • Jail Break (post-mission cinematic)
  • Ransom
  • The Mexican (Killed)

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