"Kill Tico"

- Mission description

The hit is a mission in Driv3r exclusive to PC only. It still serves as a canon mission to the story line.

Mission Edit

The mission begins with Tanner parking his car into his garage at his home. Realising someone has broken in, he cautiously enters with a gun, but steadies once he realises it is Lomaz. Lomaz explains that Tico, a leader of another gang, is going to kill Tanner personally after he stole the V8.

It is revealed Tico is watching from a boat outside Tanner's house ready to kill him. After shooting and missing tanner, he escapes on boat, where Tanner gives a chase via motorcycle. Eventually Tico gets off the boat and escapes by car with Tanner still in pursuit, until reaching a parking lot.

At the parking lot, Tanner kills all of Tico's gang members and Tico himself.

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Trivia Edit

  • Despite being a PC exclusive mission, a part of the opening cutscene can be seen in the demo video (go to main menu and wait until the video starts) in the console versions. Also the mission's cutscene is seen in many trailers for the game.
  • In the trailers, Tanner parked a Corvette-looking car in his garage, but changed to his Dodge-like vehicle in the final.

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