The Gator is a character who appears in Driv3r. He is voiced by Qarie Marshall.


The Gator is a crime lord based in Miami and assists the South Beach crime ring with various deals across the city. He owns a superyacht, which is docked near an island south of Miami.


South Beach have fallen out with The Gator as he betrayed Calita during their most recent deal. To get even, Calita sends John Tanner to destroy The Gator's superyacht. Tanner later helps South Beach steal a car, but they are forced to flee when the police suddenly arrive - The Gator had secretly given the police a package containing details about the car theft. The Gator later contacts Calita, saying that he wishes to work for her again. Calita sends Tanner to meet The Gator on Dodge Island and exchange money for a car.

After the exchange, Tanner is ambushed by The Gator's men upon trying to leave with the car. He successfully escapes the ambush. Following this, Calita sends Tanner and Lomaz to kill The Gator. After chasing him to the docks, Tanner shoots The Gator into the sea, and he is presumed dead.


In Istanbul, Tanner eavesdrops on a conversation between The Bagman and Charles Jericho. The Bagman reveals that The Gator is still alive and has been sighted on Coconut Walk in Miami. The Bagman warns Jericho that The Gator will most likely know who South Beach's stolen cars are being sold to. Tanner contacts Tobias Jones and tells him to find The Gator before Jericho does. Jones manages to find The Gator and learns that Jericho is selling the cars to Russia via The Bagman. After this point, The Gator is neither seen nor heard from again.


  • Cut dialogue in the game suggests that Jones would save The Gator. The mission was scrapped for unknown reasons.


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