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The Bagman is a character in Driv3r.

Background Edit

The Bagman is a criminal and seems to be very violent, even going as far as killing anyone who stants in his way and chopping them up in many parts. It's reported that his last victim ended up in 17 bags.

Driv3r Edit

The Bagman is first seen loading a trunk with some trash bags, possibly filled with his "last victim". Very later he was about to make a deal with Calita inside a stadium in Istanbul until she "smelled cop" and walked away. The Bagman spots Jones and makes a run for it, stealing a vehicle and driving off with Jones giving chase. The Bagman eventually leads Jones into a trap and he escapes, but Jones manages to survive. Later, John Tanner and Jones set up cameras in the exchange place and they see through CCTV Charles Jericho and The Bagman arriving. The Bagman hands a bag over to Jericho, only to find out it's half the money. The Bagman explains that the rest is comming after the cars are handed to the owners, which promts Jericho to shoot the Bagman, killing him.

Trivia Edit

  • Jones says that Bagman's name does not come from his money bags, but the bags which "you end up into" if you stand in his way.

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