The Bagman is a character in Driv3r.

Background Edit

The Bagman is a French criminal who works with Russian gangsters. His name derives from the fact that he puts his victims' bodies into bags, with his most recent victim ending up in seventeen bags, one for every $1000 that the Bagman was rumoured to be carrying.

French Interpol agent Henri Vauban once went undercover to work for the Bagman under the alias Carnot. Suspecting that Vauban was a cop, the Bagman cut off one of Vauban's fingers and gave him one chance to prove his innocence. Vauban complied by cutting off another one of his own fingers, but disappeared the next day.

Driv3r Edit

South Beach, a crime ring based in Miami, plan to steal several high performance cars and sell them to Russia via the Bagman, with whom Calita's boss, Charles Jericho, is organising the deal.


The Bagman first appears in Nice, hiding inside a shipping container with a dead body, presumably his latest victim. Calita sends John Tanner to collect the container without making contact with the Bagman.


After the cars arrive in Istanbul, Jericho meets the Bagman and tells him to arrange the final payment for the cars with Calita. The Bagman tells Jericho that the Gator, one of South Beach’s former associates, is still alive and will know who the cars are being sold to. Tobias Jones finds the Gator and learns about the deal that Jericho is putting together with the Bagman.

After interrogating an arms dealer and Lomaz, Tanner and Jones go to a stadium where the final payment will be taking place between Calita and the Bagman. A suspicious Calita abandons the deal before it can take place, and the Bagman flees upon spotting Jones watching from nearby. Jones chases the Bagman, but is forced to abandon the pursuit after being led into an ambush.

Meanwhile, Tanner chases Calita and manages to apprehend her. Calita explains that although the cars have already been shipped out, the final payment still needs to take place. During the deal, the Bagman gives Jericho only half of the agreed money and explains that the rest of the money will come once the merchandise checks are completed. Jericho refuses to accept this and shoots the Bagman dead.

Trivia Edit

  • During cutscenes, the Bagman wears a dark grey suit with a purple shirt. During gameplay, he wears a beige suit with a green shirt.


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