"So what had I done to deserve so much fun? Why was I the guy with all the luck? I'll tell you why... I was a wheelman. And I was the best."

- TK

"Meet TK. He's from out west, but home's too slow and too dull for him. He's 18 years old with a sense of humor that gets him into trouble and a grin that gets him right back out; he knows the world's him for the taking. Soon as he can get the money together, first place he heads is New York City. It's the only place wants to be; the only place he can let his ambition off the leash. It's the place where he plans to make one hell of a fortune using the one marketable skill he's got - driving."

Driver: Parallel Lines Description.
Terry "The Kid" Kidumms
Nicknames 1960 (age 46)
Born 1960 (age 46)
Hair Color Long brown hair (1978)

Dark brown hair (2006)

Career Wheelman


Car Driven Black Lemire Cerrano (1978)
Weapons S&W Model 19 (1978)

Beretta 92FS (2006)

Residence New York City, New York, USA
Appearances Driver: Parallel Lines

Terry Kidumms A.K.A The Kid (or just TK) is the main protagonist in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Biography Edit

TK grew up on a farm outside New York. However, 'home was to slow and dull for him', so at the age of eighteen, he moved to New York to live the American Dream. After a few weeks, TK is already used to the life in New York: 'everyone was either finding themselves, having a party, or getting laid. Including me'. TK earns money by serving as a wheelman, racing other drivers and being a debt collector. Ray seeing TK had a bigger potential, sets him up with Slink.

Relationships Edit

  • TK has been in a close relation with Ray, ever since they grew up on the country land. Ray taught him to drive when TK came to New York.
  • In 2006, TK works together with Maria Cortez to avenge the members of the gang. However, it is unknown whether they had a close relationship or not. 

Murders commited by "TK"Edit

  • The Mexican - Killed for betraying TK.
  • TK's Hitman - Killed for trying to kill TK and Ray
  • Roost - Killed for trying to stop TK from killing Slink.
  • Slink - Killed for betraying TK and Ray, sending the Hitman to kill them both.
  • Bishop - Killed for betraying TK.
  • Candy - Killed for betraying TK and trying to kill him and Maria Cortez.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Driver: Parallel LinesEdit

As the protagonist, he appears on every mission. He is not shown or mentioned in any other games in the series.

Driver Parallel Lines - TK(2006) in GTAVC
Driver Parallel Lines - TK(1978) in GTASA

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