Swap is a weapon used by player/s in Driver San Francisco, mutiplayer.

Unlocked at lvl (6), the player can 'swap' their current vechicle to a preselected car the player has chosen before the start of a match, or repair the same vechicle with the 'swap'.

To use the weapon, player must preselect a unlocked vechicle (acessed through players profile-lobby) before a match. Once in a match, player must gain a 'Weapons Charge' before the use of swap. Once the weapons charge is full, player can swap their current vechicle to the preselect car of their choice. If the player is driving a damaged version of the selected vechicle, the player can use swap to repair the car. Swap can be also used in shift.

At lvl ( ), the player has two swap slots. This allows the player to preselect two cars for swap and choose which one to swap with.

At first, vechicles are limted to swap with but progressing through levels, allows the player acess to more vechicles.

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