Information Edit

Type: Chase

Main Objective: Take down the street racers

Cop Vehicle: Dodge Charger SRT

Plot Edit

Street racing is strictly prohibited by the law of San Francisco. When Kowalski, a police man, noticed of the noisy engines and squeezing tires on the road, he chase them. In Preston's point, she doesn't have priority to arrest street racers enough to stop them. But In order to avoid destruction and expensive cost, you need to chase and ram them!

Story Edit

Conversations Edit

Kowalski: There's a reason I'm driving the car, Preston. Someday, when you've got more experience -

Preston: Oh, shove it, Kowalski. Pulling over these jerks isn't gonna do anything -

Kowalski: They're breaking the law. I'm going to get them off the streets and maybe save some lives.

Objectives Edit

  • Take down 4 street racers

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