Senator Andrew Ballard
Andrew Ballard
Car Driven Sturdien S9 Turbo II
Residence New Jersey, USA
Appearances Driver: Renegade 3D

Senator Andrew Ballard is a character from the game Driver: Renegade 3D. He is a senator for New York City and later revealed to be the leader of a crime ring.

Background and Criminal InvolvementEdit

Ballard became the ring leader of a gang of crime-lords in New York City. He later ran for state senator. After his election, he held a party at the Paradise Hotel with the gang members. At the party, Ballard had met a hooker named Megan. The whole party was recorded on video.

Ballard led an anti-crime campaign in an attempt to get rid of his gang members and keep them from talking to police. His chief of security, Warren Nolan also worked with Ballard on the campaign.

After hearing of his anti-crime campaign, drug lord Gordon Ramsey paid a punk to attempt to assassinate Ballard. The plan was foiled by John Tanner. Afterwards, Ballard recruited Tanner to join the anti-crime campaign and allowed him to ignore the law to rid the city of 5 crime lords.



Standoff between Tanner and NYPD

After discovering Ballard's past, Tanner used a video tape of him at his party at the Paradise Hotel as incriminating evidence against him.

Ballard eventually attempted to drive to an airport to flee the country. He was rammed off the road by Tanner, who got info from Nolan before his death. Tanner held a gun to Ballard's head in the middle of the road and was met by NYPD and Lt. McKenzie. In a short standoff, Tanner eventually put his gun down and spared Ballard.

The two were arrested shortly after the standoff. Charges against Tanner were dropped shortly afterwards. With Tanner's name officially cleared, Ballard received a life in prison sentence.

Car DrivenEdit

Ballard drives the fictional Sturdien S9 Turbo II truck. This car can be unlocked during the course of the game. The car is similar to the one driven by Charles Jericho.


  • A picture of Ballard wearing a military uniform in the paper might suggest that he was a former marine.


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