San Marino Spyder
San Marino Spyder


Driver: Parallel Lines

Vehicle Style

Sports/ Sports Classic Car


2 (1 driver and 1 passenger)

Related Vehicles

San Marino

The San Marino Spyder is a Convertible version of the San Marino, and makes its appearance in Driver: Parallel Lines. The Vehicle is a fast sports classic car, based off a Chevrolet Corvette 1975

Description Edit

The vehicle features a long hood, for its large, front engine. With a small windshield and no roof (evidently in the name). The rear has a sloping back, for aerodynamics.

Performance Edit

The vehicle has good performance, however its handling is a bit off-putting, pulling the car anywhere it wants.

Top Speed - 135 MPH

Acceleration - 0-60 in 4.5 Seconds

Handling - Very delayed, irresponsible and slow turning.

Locations Edit

  • Commonly found in New Jersey.
  • Parked in driveways in New Jersey.
  • Found in the mission "Turning the Screw" where the player must scare the prison security guard in order to get information about the Rikers Island Prison by driving erratically (crashing, donuts, jumps, high speeds, etc.).

Trivia Edit

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