"Get to the Gold Coast Hotel"

- Mission description.

'Rooftops' is the 4th mission in Driv3r and Miami. The mission marks the beginning of Tanner infiltrating the notorious repossession gang, South Beach

Heading Edit

Hours after Tanner chased Baccus and killed him in alley, Tanner and Jones meet at Tanner's house at nighttime to discuss plans. Tanner explains to Jonas he will take the V8 back to South Beach. Jones chastises Tanner for killing Baccus, explaining that suits all over Miami wanted time with him. After their conversation is finished, Tanner heads to the Gold Coast hotel to pick up the car.

After gaining access to the hotel via outside stairs, Tanner makes his way through the levels of the hotel then across the rooftops of the hotel, all whilst fighting numerous gang members.

Eventually Tanner reaches the underground parking via an elevator. After fighting through more gang members, he successfully steals the V8 and delivers it to the South Beach's hideout, where he enters and finds Lomaz, Bad Hand and Calita with an upside-down hostage.

Tanner is accepted in the crew however is warned by Calita that if he is not good enough, he will end up like the hostage that was just killed. The mission ends with Tanner alone with the hostage.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Get to the Gold Coast Hotel
  • Find the Car inside the hotel 
  • Open the Garage door 
  • Take the car to the gang  
  • Don't wreck it  

Images Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Cops are present during the first part of the mission when the playing is travelling to the Gold Coast Hotel, thus the player can get a wanted level.
  • This is the 2nd mission to start at Tanner's house.
  • Whilst Jones and Tanner are talking, Tanner's backyard and house appear very different from in game. There appears to be more plantation around the side of tanner's backyard, along with more detail on the umbrella table and indoor.
  • This mission marks the first appearance of Tobias Jones.
  • This mission is the first mission to take place at night and is the only one to take place at night in Miami.

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