Description Edit

The Rhapsody is a 2-door compact hatchback somewhat common in both eras of the game. It is a small 2 seat car that highly resembles an AMC Pacer, its performance is average at best, possesing good handling but poor durability because of its small size, its top speed is about 80 in game, fully modified its top speed is about 90 and it can reach 107 with nitrous.

Performances Edit

Top speed: 80 MPH

Acceleration: Bad

Handling: Decent

Trivia Edit

  • In GTA IV there is also a car called the Rhapsody that is also based on a Pacer. Both these "Rhapsodys" have references to the movie "Waynes World" While the GTA IV Rhapsody has a picture on the dash, the license plate on a stock Driver Parralel Lines Rhapsody always reads "15GIRTH" a reference to one of the characters of the movie.
[Driver-Parallel Lines](2 Door Sedan-1978 Era)Rhapsody