Description Edit

[Driver-Parallel Lines](4 Door Sedan-1978 Era)Regina

The Regina is an 4-door executive luxury sedan in Driver Parallel Lines. It's based on a Cadillac Seville and a Cadillac DeVille (1980s model).

It features a mostly similar design to the Zartex, only its grill and width are big changes to the Zartex. Mostly square and boxy fascias are present.

Performance Edit

Its performance is below its counterpart, the Zartex:

Top speed: 84 MPH

Handling: Similar to the Zartez, only slight slower to turn.

Locations Edit

  • Seen commonly in Manhattan cruising in the Down Town areas
  • La Guardia Airport Car parks

Trivia Edit

  • A station wagon with the same name appears in the Grand Theft Auto Series.