"Decided to pay us mortals a visit? You up for some real police work?"

Jones to Tanner

Real Police Work is the third mission in the story and the first in Chapter 2: Good Samaritan.


Jones tells Tanner a tip regarding the car Sarah spotted near Grace Cathedral: a white European sports car. As they head for an alley and finds a match. Jones takes a picture of the suspect. Tanner drives to tail the suspect, while Jones works to get an ID number.

Jones tells Control the license plate of the white car: 8BR8 139. Control says that it is registered to a 79-year old woman from the state of Idaho. Tanner suggests to try Interpol. 

Interpol got a hit on the visual. It is identified as an American citizen of Egyptian descent: Leila Sharan.

When Leila drove to the Golden Gate bridge, Tanner stopped, causing Jones to get infuriated.


Drive to the blue zone. After the cutscene, tail the suspect. Jones will call Control and tells an ID number to the white car. Control said that it is registered to an old woman. Tanner will suggest Interpol. As Tanner head for the bridge, Control will identify Leila Sharan.

As you see a translucent red barrier, keep driving until you head for a complete stop.

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