Ray Davies
[Driver-Parallel Lines](1978)Ray
Born 1955 (aged 51)
Residence Hunt's Point, New York
Appearances Driver: Parallel Lines, Driver 76

Ray is a major character in Driver: Parallel Lines and the protagonist of Driver 76. He taught TK how to drive.

1976 (Events of Driver 76)Edit

Prior to the events of Driver: Parallel Lines, Ray was a wheelman who arrived in New York six months before the events of Driver 76. Ray and Slink had always worked together, but when Ray fell in love with Chen Chi,  Ray was forced to do some jobs for Chen's father, Zhou Ming. After doing everything he could to stay together with Chen, Ray was betrayed when his and Slink's enemy, Jimmy Yip, was hired into the Chinese Mafia by Zhou.

Sometime after, Ray helps mob boss Isaiah take out one of his enemies, Romero. Ray kills Romero and plants a bomb at his mansion, with him and Isaiah escaping from the police in Romero's ride afterwards. In order to get payback on Jimmy Yip, Slink comes up with some plans to mess with his properties. Jimmy later tries to escape with Chen Chi in the car, with Ray and Slink tailing him, but this turns out to be an ambush. After Slink escapes with Chen, Ray takes down all of Jimmy's guards, and eventually kills him in a climatic Hollywood-style helicopter car crash.

1978 (Driver: Parallel Lines)Edit

Ray went on to own a line of autoshops known as "Ray's Autos". He taught TK how to drive earlier. Ray set TK up to work with Slink.

2006 (Driver: Parallel Lines)Edit

Due to his issues with debts to other gangs, TK was sold out by Corrigan. Corrigan then killed him in his apartment in Hunt's Point. He was 51 years old.

Murders CommitedEdit

Mission AppearancesEdit

Driver: Parallel Lines

Driver '76:

Driver: San Francisco (Wii)Edit

There is a reference to Ray in the side missions found in the Wii version of Driver: San Francisco. The player can race against the character. It also reveals his full name to be "Ray Davies". The appearance is not canon to the actual series and is only a reference.

The game also makes a reference to his auto-shop. All the garages in the game are called "Ray's Autos".

Gallery Edit


Ray in a Driver 76 cutscene.


  • He is similar to Vic Vance from the Grand Theft Auto Series as both Ray and Vic appears as supporting characters on their first games, gets killed later on and reappeared in their respective games' prequels as the playable protagonists.

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