Driver: Parallel Lines

Vehicle Style

Sports/ Super Car


2 (1 driver and 1 passenger)

Related Vehicles

San Marino

The Raven is a sports/super car in 1978 era in Driver: Parallel Lines.

Description Edit

It is a rare car and appears in both eras, however it is even more rare in the 2006 era. The Raven is based on a Ford Detomaso Panterra.

They appear more commonly if you are driving one, or another sports car. Among all the sports cars, it seems Raven is the most easy to find in the streets of upper New Jersey. It features a very square/triangle shape, and a short inverted front fascia.

Performance Edit

Performance-wise,it has good acceleration an a stock top speed of 143 in game. Engine upgrades and nitro are available to make it go even faster, however it is still by far the fastest car in the 1978 Era

Locations Edit

  • Along with most sports and super cars, it is found in New Jersey.
  • Found rarely passing under the Tunnel in New Jersey.