Prison Bus
[Driver-Parallel Lines](Commercial-1978 Era)Prison Bus


Driver: Parallel Lines


The Prison Bus is an rare "Commercial" vehicle in Driver : Parallel Lines at 1978 era.

The Prison Bus is passed on 1976 International Harvester Loadstar.


The Prison Buses don't have big differences with School Buses ,Only rare paintwork. Featuring a black stripe on top of a white/grey design,


Top Speed : 129 KM / H

Acceleration : 13 Seconds

Handling is heavy, Same with School Bus.


  • Parking at Rikers Island Prison gate during mission "Jail Break" at 1978 era.
  • Rarely found on the street in front of the gates for the bridge in 1978.


  • During the "Jail Break" mission, you must drive a prison van to the Rikers Island prison. When you get here, a gate will open, stop in the way of the gate so that it cannot close and do not completely enter. There should be a gray School Bus to your left marked "Prison Transport System" on the side. Get into it and drive to the garage, and store it. Quickly, get back to the Rikers Island prison and get into the transport. The mission will continue as usual, but you must break through the rest of the three gates yourself. They are easy to break, just drive though them.

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  • The Prison Bus is obviously just re worded from School Bus, its general purpose.