The Prestige is a four door sedan in Driver: Parallel Lines.



First seen in 2006, the Prestige resembles a Chrysler 300 M. The front is a bit modified from the real life version, but the rear stays similar.


Oddly enough, the Prestige engine sound derived from a V6, which is mostly used by compact cars. Despite that, it has a good acceleration and average top speed. Handling is a bit grippy since it suffers a bit of understeer. Damage resistant is average like any other sedan.


Prestige Racer: racing variant of the Prestige


- Spawns around the Englewood area.

- Rarely spawns around Manhattan.

- More common to spawn if you drive one.

Trivia Edit

  • The Atlus may be the successor of the Prestige since the Prestige is based on a Chrysler 300M while the Atlus is based on a Chrysler 300C ( the 300M got replaced by the 300C in real life )
  • The name Prestige hint that this car is a executive luxury sedan.