"Sir, you're cleared for the range, you said to let you know."

- Police receptionist on the phone to Tanner.

Police HQ is the first mission in Driv3r and also the first mission in Miami.


In Istanbul, Turkey, a shootout is seen between a gang and the Turkish police. Jericho is seen shooting at the cops with his sawn-off shotgun, and Tanner is seen with his partner Jones blasting some of the gang members. Jericho hides and starts to reload his gun, in which Tanner takes advantage to run to his position.

Just as Jericho loads the gun behind the wall, Tanner runs after him and we see him slamming the car door, and the scene blacks out. The scene later shifts to the hospital where it shows Tanner and Jericho injured and the doctors examining one of them, and later shows one of them flat-lining.

The scene then cuts to the opening titles, depicting Miami Florida 6 moths earlier. Tanner is seen riding in his car and arriving at his house by the ocean, standing by the back window with a beer in his hand.

Soon after, Tanner receives a message from his house phone from a police officer stating that the firing range has been cleared for him and is ready to use.

Upon arriving at the Police Headquarters, the receptionist motions to the firing range door to Tanner indicting it it is 'all his'.

Tanner completes the firing range and the next mission is unlocked.


  • Get to Police HQ
  • Shoot the criminals. Don't kill the civilians

Images Edit


Opening Mission Title


Tanner in the shooting range


Driver 3 Opening Title

Videos Edit

Driver Walkthrough Mission 1- Police HQ07:06

Driver Walkthrough Mission 1- Police HQ

Driver 3 Walkthrough Mission 1: Police HQ

Trivia Edit

  • If Tanner shoots the police receptionist or other police offers present more than 3 times, the Station's officers will begin to fire at him, until a mission fail sign appears saying 'arrested'.
  • This is the only instance in the game where the firing range is usable. In Take a Ride, no cardboard criminals and civilians appear nor will time, however the area is still accessible.
  • The opening cut scene in Miami is depicted at night, whilst when the mission starts, it is dawn.
  • Cops are not present in this mission apart from inside the Police Headquarters, thus the player cannot get a wanted level.
  • The player can only use either Tanner's defeat colt 45 or pick up a Magnum from a enemy civilian in this mission.
  • It is revealed tanner is an FBI officer attached to the Miami Police department.

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