The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is the police department for New York City in Driver: You Are the Wheelman, Driver: Parallel Lines, Driver 76, and Driver: Renegade 3D.

Driver: You Are the WheelmanEdit

The NYPD appears when Tanner is in New York. They're the last police force in the game that the player encounters in Driver 1. They will chase him if he commits any crime in their sight such as speeding, swerving -in-and-out of traffic, or running a red light.

Driver: Parallel LinesEdit

The NYPD plays a much more significant role than in the first game. In 2006, Corrigan becomes the Chief of Police after setting up TK for the murder of Rafael Martinez and sentencing him to 28 years in Sing-Sing prison. Apart from chasing TK around, the cops use different weapons, like a pistol & a shotgun. They are also seen wearing different uniforms. In the 1978 era, the NYPD uses Zartex cars, while in the 2006 era, they use an M700. In both eras, they use a helicopter and sometimes dispatch SWAT Vans.


Driver: Parallel LinesEdit

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