Introduction Edit

  • Introduction of Driver

Miami Edit

  • Car Park
  • The Bank Job
  • Hide the Evidence
  • Case for a Key
  • Ticco's Ride
  • The Clean Up
  • Tanner meet Rufus
  • Bust out Jean Paul
  • Payback
  • A Shipment's Coming In
  • Superfly Drive
  • Take out Di'Angio's car
  • Bait for a Trap
  • The Informant

San Francisco Edit

  • The Casino Job
  • The Briefcase
  • Guns in the Trunk
  • Visit to the Mall
  • Taxi!
  • Cosy To The Chopper
  • In the Pick-up
  • The Chinatown Pick-up
  • The Mercy Mission
  • The Set up
  • The Hyde Street Pick-up
  • Tanner and Slater

Los Angeles Edit

  • Steal a Cop Car
  • Lucky to the Doc's
  • The Chase
  • Maya
  • The Maddox Hit
  • Lucky to the Crib
  • The Beverly Hills Getaway
  • The Test Run

New York Edit

  • Grand Central Station Switch
  • The Accident
  • Luther's Heap O' Junk
  • The Rescue
  • Take a Cab
  • Trash Granger's Wheels
  • Take Out Granger's Boys
  • The Negatives
  • Rite of Passage
  • The Ali Situation
  • The President's Run

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