Meet the heat

"Meet the heat" is one of the first city missions in the game. The icon of the mission is a police badge, indicating that it is a chase mission. In the beginning, the player must loose the cops to meet the unidentified person. Once the cops are gone, get to the destination.

Information Edit

Type: Chase

Car: Chevrolet Camaro Z26

Main Objective: Lose the cops and meet with Jericho's Gang

  • Playable Character: Darius Spencer
  • Others: Ordell Williams


Conversation Edit

Ordell: Darius, we can't lead the cops to this meet.

Darius: Why not? Jericho's guys will take care of 'em.

Ordell: Then they'll take care of us too, you dumbass! And if we don't make the meet, Jimmy's gonna kill us. We gotta shake 'em ourselves.

Objectives Edit

  • Lose the cops and make the meet. Be on time for about 3mins and 30secs without cops!
    Number of cops
    The upper left shows the number of cops. Their red zone inside your vehicle in mini-map counts.

e.g.: 2 red zones around the car (mini-map), 2 cop cars tailing to you

Note: If you are 150wm towards the destination, a message occurs "Lose the Cops." If you are in a close call, lose them now! If you have no way to escape, they will bust you in 10secs. If you're away from the red zone in the mini-map. 10secs will be counted to escape from cops.

Movie Conversations Edit

Tanner: This kid Ordell is trying to work his way up Jericho's organization? I can't let this opportunity slip by - I'm gonna have to help him any way I can.

2nd Investigation Edit

"Ordell Williams and Darius Spencer. Small fry but they're working for Jericho's crew. Worth keeping my eye on."

-John Tanner

Mission TriviaEdit

  • This is the only level where Williams is an NCP.
  • This is the first city mission that has a strong connection to the investigation, the other is Wrecked Evidence.

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