Information Edit

Type: Stunt

Main Objective: Scare the driving instructor

Vehicle: Abarth 500

Story Edit

Conversations Edit

Before the mission: Edit

Driving Instructor: Nice driving, Craig. Five months' worth of lessons and you're finally getting the hang of this now!

Craig: Really?

Driving Instructor: No! We've tried the carrot: we've diced and sautéed it, and fed it to the dog. Now it's time for the stick. You're going to learn to drive if it kills you.

Craig: But I... I...

Mission Completion: Edit

Tanner (as Craig): TBA

Driving Instructor: *shudders in immense fear*

Tanner (as Craig): Clean pants. That's what you need.

Objectives Edit

  • Scare the instructor to 180bpm. Do whatever you can! Drifts, jumps, overtakes and dangerous stunts that may over-scare him!

Note: Every stunt adds few bpm.

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