"Then it all began. A lead came through on south beach Baccus, a major player on the repo circuit"

- Tobias Jones

'Lead on Baccus is the second mission in Driv3r and Miami.

Mission Edit

The mission picks up directly after Tanner has completed the first mission and has finished the firing range. Tobias Jones explains that a lead came through on Baccus, a repossession member belonging to a repo gang called South Beach. A police officer requests all units and calls for backup over a lead on Baccus, who is armed. Tanner enters a police car parked at the front of the station and follows the other Police officers to Baccus' place

Walkthrough Edit

  • Follow the cops to the siege.
  • You have arrived at the siege location

Images Edit

Videos Edit

Driv3r PC Walkthrough - Miami Mission 2- Lead on Baccus03:26

Driv3r PC Walkthrough - Miami Mission 2- Lead on Baccus

Driver 3 Mission Walkthrough: Lead on Baccus

Tips Edit

  • It is advisable to use quick turns by braking whilst turning
  • Throughout the mission, numerous police cars will appear and follow the lead car, forming a convoy like formation. The player should be careful not to smash into them to pass the mission
  • Get as close to the lead car as possible using sidewalks and oncoming traffic lanes.

Trivia Edit

  • If the players makes too much of a distance between the lead car with the 'follow' arrow, the mission will fail.
  • This mission takes place at dawn.
  • Turning the sirens on will have no effect on traffic.
  • Tanner receives a Magnum pistol at the start of this mission.

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