Land Roamer
[Driver-Parallel Lines](Utility-1978 Era)Land Roamer


Driver: Parallel Lines

Description Edit

The Land Roamer is a Large SUV/4x4, and is closely base 1980 Ford Bronco. With some elements of a GMC. It has a large rear end, with a opening trunk, its bed is solid, and cannot be removed.

Performance Edit

It has a good top speed:

Top Speed: 120MPH

Acceleration: Decent

Durability: Very strong, can last a very long time in crashes

Handling: Fast cornering and good braking distance

Trivia Edit

  • Its name is obviously based off the popular British jeeps, Land Rovers,
    • Despite this, they bear no resemblance of a Land Rover whatsoever.
    • Land Roamer is also a parody of the name Land Rover and the Toyota Land Cruiser since the words "Roamer", "Cruiser" and "Rover" are similar terms.