Jonah Ramsey
Car Driven STRASSER Super GT5
Residence New York City, New York, USA
Appearances Driver: Renegade 3D

Jonah Ramsey was a character from Driver: Renegade 3D. He was part of the crime ring led by Senator Andrew Ballard and specialized in selling drugs. Ramsey was killed by John Tanner.


Ramsey was a part of the crime ring led by Ballard. He specialized in selling drugs. Ramsey viewed himself as an undiscovered rock star and had a ruthless and flashy attitude. He did not care for the quality of his products (shown when he sent out tainted shipments of heroin) and only cared for the profit.

After hearing of Ballard's anti-crime campaign, Ramsey paid a man referred to as the Nitty to assassinate him and "put a bullet in his head".



Ramsey's dead body after a chase with Tanner.

Tanner eventually tracked down Ramsey to his hideout and chased him. His car was rammed off the road, resulting in his death.

Car DrivenEdit

Ramsey drives the fictional STRASSER Super GT5. It can be unlocked throughout the course of gameplay.


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