"Meet me downtown at the old docks, just follow the river, it will lead you right here, I'll be waiting"

- Lomaz leaves a message on Tanner's phone.

'Impress Lomaz' is a mission in Driv3r. The mission involves Tanner performing numerous tasks to be fully accepted into Calita's crew.

Mission Edit

The mission begins with Tanner receiving a message via his house phone from Lomaz to meet him downtown.

After reaching downtown, Lomaz greets Tanner and explains they will trash a place belonging to a person called, Tico, to test Tanner's driving ability. After destroying numerous barrels, windows and portable houses, Lomaz recognises Tanner's driving skills. They change cars and head to the Red River's Bar. Lomaz explains the Bar's time has 'run out'. After instructing Tanner to shoot up the place, Tanner does so before cops arrive and escapes with Lomaz. Tanner impresses Lomaz enough for Lomaz to tell Tanner he works for South Beach now, indicating he is now apart of their gang.

The mission then ends.

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