Henri Vauban is a character in Driv3r. He is voiced by Stephane Cornicard.


Henri Vauban is a French Interpol agent. When Vauban was in his thirties, he went undercover under the alias Carnot to work for the Bagman, a French criminal. Suspecting that Vauban was a cop, the Bagman cut off one of Vauban’s fingers and gave him one chance to prove his innocence. Vauban complied by cutting off another one of his own fingers, but disappeared the next day.

Driv3r Edit

Vauban and his protégé, Didier Dubois, have been assigned to bring down the South Beach crime ring and stop the sale of their stolen cars.


Undercover cop John Tanner meets Vauban and Dubois at the airport in Nice. While Tanner wants to keep working for South Beach and find out who the cars are being sold to, Vauban and Dubois want to take the cars straight back.

Calita soon spots Dubois trying to take one of South Beach’s cars. She also finds a tracking device, presumably planted by either Vauban or Dubois.

Lomaz later tells Tanner and Bad Hand about the time when a suspected cop known as Carnot worked for the Bagman and lost two fingers. Aware that Carnot is Vauban, Tanner gets nervous.

Dubois is captured by South Beach and held hostage in a restaurant, planning to kill him the next day. Tanner confronts Vauban, who admits that he placed the order for the cars as part of his and Dubois’s plan to seize the cars. Vauban wants Tanner to leave the case after they rescue Dubois.

After being rescued, Dubois goes to a boathouse with Tanner to collect a laptop containing the location of where the sale of the stolen cars will take place, which is revealed to be Istanbul. However, South Beach track them to the boathouse and kill Dubois, but Tanner manages to escape.


In Istanbul, Tanner attempts to tell Vauban where the cars are being shipped, but Vauban accuses Tanner of killing Dubois and orders him to leave the operation, informing him that internal affairs are after him. Intent on continuing his mission, Tanner walks away. Vauban sends the police to stop him, but he manages to escape.

Tanner later apprehends Calita, enabling him to return to collaborating with Vauban. Calita explains that although the cars have already been shipped out, the Bagman still needs to give Charles Jericho the money for the final payment. Vauban arranges for surveillance to be put in place at the location of the exchange, but Jericho manages to escape to the train station by using Bad Hand as a decoy.

After Tanner chases Jericho from the train station, Vauban assists Tanner, Tobias Jones and the Istanbul police during a gun battle on the streets against Jericho and his men.


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