Henri Vauban is a character in Driv3r.

Driv3r Edit

He is first seen in the game's opening intro when he fights off Jericho's men. Very later in the game, Vauban is indirectly mentioned by Lomaz telling a story to Tanner and Bad Hand. Vauban is then seen in Welcome to Nice waiting for Tanner at the airport, along with Dubois. A bit later he is seen with the other two discussing which parts of the case they play in. A while after Dubois was kidnaped he meets with Tanner who wants to rescue him immediately and tells Tanner to quit the case. Tanner claims he only wants to find out who moves the cars. After Tanner calms down, he accepts to rescue Dubois, with him going straight to the front of a restaurant and Vauban going from behind. He is later seen in Istanbul after the death of Dubois and thinks Tanner is the one who killed him (while in reality it was Jericho) and Tanner becomes a rogue agent. He sends a whole squad of police cars on Tanner and Jones to stop them but they escape. A while later, Tanner captures Calita and Vauban accepts Tanner once again. He makes his final appearance where he helps Jones and Tanner kill Jericho's men.

Trivia Edit

  • Vauban has two fingers missing. Lomaz early in the game tells a story to Tanner and Bad Hand about an undercover agent who had one of his fingers sliced off by a member and then takes the knife and slices off another finger of his own. However, Calita walks in without Lomaz having time to finish it. Lomaz then much later tells how the story ended to Tanner, only to show Dubois tied upside down.

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