This is a main cities page for Havana. It has only been seen once in the Driver series.

Havana is the capital city of Cuba. It was the second city featured in the game Driver 2. The city has been featured once in the Driver series.

Driver 2Edit


Map of Havana in Driver 2

Havana is the second city the player visits in the game. After escaping Chicago, Tanner and Jones learn that Vazquez is using Havana as the frontier for his arms operations, and plans to use Lenny's contacts to flood Chicago with guns and take over Caine's business. Tanner and Jones ruin Vazquez's arms operations in Havana, and also discover that Lenny is going to be leaving the city in a ship called Rosanna Soto. Despite Tanner's attempts to arrest Lenny before the ship leaves, Lenny escapes.

Afterwards Tanner learns from Jones that Jericho has arrived in Havana, having learned of Lenny's betrayal, and plans to kill all of Lenny's men at a hotel in Central Havana. Tanner and Jones follow Jericho to the hotel, where Tanner is unable to prevent Jericho from killing the men, but nonetheless rams Jericho off the road in a chase. Tanner and Jericho then form a truce, hiding from the Brazilians and head to Vegas to meet Caine.

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