Grand Valley
[Driver-Parallel Lines](2 Door Sedan-1978 Era)Grand Valley


Driver: Parallel Lines

Vehicle Style

Sedan/Lowrider Car


2 (1 driver and 1 passenger)

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The Grand Valley is a classic low rider featured in Driver: Parallel Lines. It is found in the 1978 Era.

Description Edit

The car has the classic shape, featuring big round headlights, and a slanted lowered rear. With its rear wheels been half covered by the rear fascia.

Performance Edit

The car has a bad performance, and even worse handling, partially due to its bad performance.

Top Speed - 103MPH

Acceleration - 0-60 in Seconds

Handling - Slow and irresponsive.

Locations Edit

  • Found nearly everywhere in the 1978 era.


  • Despite being a convertible, the NYPD refer to this car as a coupe.