"I don't want to be the pilot. I'll be taking surveillance."

- Tanner to Jones

Eyes on the City is the fourth story mission and the second in Chapter 2: Good Samaritan.


A platinum heist occurs in Pacific Alloys. A helicopter is he flying over the helipad in West Lake. Tanner shifts in the helicopter and uses the scanning system to scan vehicles until he finds a red SUV.

The red SUV is stolen, and it contains 3 cases of platinum, and a gun. He drives the van to a semi. He drives the semi to the police compound.


You will first shift in a helicopter. Once it's online, scan the area. A lot of these are nothing, unless you find a red SUV with a blue ! on it. After that, drive the SUV into a semi truck waiting for the SUV. Then, he drives the semi to the police compound to impound it. Be careful, as a series of cars will appear to take you down. The semi is strong to resist damage, so use it to your advantage.

After reaching the last checkpoint, the compound is filled with cop cars and Tanner's Challenger, and if the semi is driven to the compound, the mission ends.


Eyes on the City is a reference to the news channel: "KEOC News: Your Eyes on the City".

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