Solomon Caine is the main antagonist in Driver 2 and a minor character in Driver 3. Caine also appeared in Driver San Francisco (Wii version) also appearing as the main antagonist. In Driver 2, Caine is one of the highest ranking mobsters and owns an empire spanning from Chicago to Las Vegas. He works with Pink Lenny, a money launderer, and Jericho, his bodyguard.

Caine tried to have John Tanner killed but when he escaped his compound in Chicago, he put a bounty on Tanner's name. Meanwhile, Caine's rival, Alvaro Vazquez is trying to take over Caine's arms business and uses Lenny to do so. When Tanner and Tobias Jones capture Jericho, they team up with Caine to capture Lenny in exchange for his bodyguard. They agree and Tanner works as his wheelman.

After Tanner revealed to Jericho he was an undercover cop and captured Lenny, Caine and Vazquez were seen reconciling before the Statue of Christ Redeemer in Rio.

In Driver 3, Caine is seen again where he is betrayed and killed by Jericho. The reason for this is unknown, it is possible that it's because Caine let Tanner get away with capturing Lenny or for allying with Vazquez. Although it could be because he wanted to take over and get away with murdering Caine.

In the Wii version of Driver: San Francisco (which is a prequel to Driver 1), Caine runs the Bay Street Crew in San Francisco. He plans to set the Dog Fish and Dragon Ladies gangs against each other to create a market for weapons. He kills Tanner's partner Alvarez in a high-speed chase. Tanner went undercover with his crew to find the killer. When he found out that Caine had killed him and his plan, he chased Caine down and he was eventually arrested.

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