Information Edit


Type: Race

Main Objective: Finish the race in 1st or 2nd

Vehicle: Aston Martin DB 9

Plot Edit

Jun and Ayumu win the race last time. They get the reward for the college of Ayumu. It does not enough to take Ayumu to college. So, he thinks that betting their race car is an option to double their bucks. If they doesn't win today, they would have nothing to race on!

Story Edit

Conversations Edit

Ayumu: I put down every dollar we won last time. We're gonna double our money!

Jun: You're crazy! I told you, I barely remember racing!

Ayumu: Whatever you did, just do it again, Jun! Because if we screw this up, we lose the car! ...Uh, 'cause I also bet the car.

Jun: You idiot!

Objective Edit

  1. Finish the race in 1st or 2nd. Cross 28 checkpoints to the finish line.

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