Didier Dubois is a character who appears in Driv3r. He is voiced by Jake Canuso.

Dubois is a French Interpol agent and Henri Vauban’s protégé. He has a career statistic of three deaths per case, and that number is rising.

At the airport in Nice, John Tanner meets Vauban and Dubois who have been assigned to help Tanner bring down the South Beach crime ring and stop the sale of the gang’s stolen cars. While Tanner wants to keep working for South Beach and find out who the cars are being sold to, Vauban and Dubois want to take the cars straight back.

Calita soon spots Dubois trying to take one of South Beach’s cars. She also finds a tracking device, presumably planted by either Vauban or Dubois.

South Beach capture Dubois and hold him hostage in a restaurant. Tanner is forced to prove he is not a cop by shooting Dubois. He complies, but the gun is not loaded – Bad Hand had secretly put an empty clip in it. Calita gives Tanner a fresh clip and says Dubois will die the next day.

Tanner and Vauban later go to the restaurant where Dubois is being held. Following a shootout, Dubois is driven away by two gang members. Tanner and Vauban chase and stop the car, rescuing Dubois in the process.

Tanner and Dubois later go to a boathouse to collect a laptop containing information on where the sale of the stolen cars will take place, which is revealed to be Istanbul. South Beach – including Charles Jericho – manage to find Tanner and Dubois by using a tracking device planted in the clip of Tanner’s gun. Jericho and Calita shoot Dubois dead, and Tanner manages to escape.

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