Description Edit

The Delivery van is a standard van in Driver Parallel Lines. It appears in both eras of the game. Performance is what you would expect from a van, slow in every category with above average durability. Top speed for a stock van is about 87 in game.When fully modified, top speed is about 95 in game. It takes awhile to reach its top speed.

Trivia Edit

  • One of the custom paintjobs for the van sort of resembles the A-Team van.
  • This van seems to share a similiar model to the van in Driv3r,although the front of it has been significantly altered.
  • Altought it also appear in Driver 76, it seem to be an anachronism since the Delivery van is based on a 1978/1979 Ford Ecoline and Driver 76 is set in 1976.
Delivery Van
[Driver-Parallel Lines](Commercial-1978 Era)Delivery Van

Real life variant

Ford econoline


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