DPL(Commercial-1978 Era)Courier


Driver: Parallel Lines

Description Edit

The Courier is a Delivery Step-van in Driver Parallel lines, and is based off the UPS trucks, the Grumman Olson P-800. It features a basic bulky front fascia, and is very square.

It features a long wheel base. With a long section hanging off the back wheels. It also features 2 handles on the back of the truck

Performance Edit

The truck has a surprisingly good handling and speed line, been comparable to the Regina.

Top Speed: 94 MPH

Handling: Very good turning, not so good brakes, and good strength, been very capable of knocking cars with no damage caused.

Locations Edit

  • Common in the Queens and Manhattan Area.

Trivia Edit

  • The Truck is almost identical to the ones used by UPS (Universal Parcel Force).
  • It has a similar engine sound to most trucks in the game
  • The name is obviously implying the fact courier groups use them.