Corrigan is the main antagonist of Driver: Parallel Lines. He was mentioned by Bishop in the post-mission cinematic of "Last Chance" and was first seen in the post-mission cinematic of "Jail Break".

Appearances in erasEdit

He was mentioned by Bishop in the post-mission cinematic of "Last Chance" and was first seen in the post-mission cinematic of "Jail Break". In the latter, he showed up wearing a suit and holding a glass of drink (possibly whiskey), and then, in the same scene, seen talking to the newly-formed gang (TK, Candy, Bishop, and Slink) about his plan: kidnap Rafael Martinez, a Colombian cocaine cartel, and dominate the city's cocaine trade.

Some time later, the kidnap he had planned went successfully, with Martinez successfully kidnapped and brought to a warehouse in Hunt's Point to meet the gang. Corrigan then arrived with his car (a green Fairview ), and told TK that he'll "be in touch".

Shortly after the kidnap, Corrigan told TK to take a package (which is the ransom money) stored on a dirtbike at a top floor of a multistory parking near Park Avenue in Manhattan and took the ransom away by escaping through the rooftops with the dirtbike, and put the ransom in a truck so that it can be safely delivered to the warehouse.

In the following cinematic, it is revealed that Martinez was killed after the ransom was retrieved by the gang, Corrigan sold TK out (which explained his 28 years of lockdown at Sing-Sing Prison).

28 years later, in 2006, Corrigan is the police chief, and is now on TK (and later, Maria Cortez's) top killing list. First, he received a warning from TK by dropping The Mexican's corpse in front of his house. Some time after the first warning, he appeared in Ray's residence at Hunt's Point, along with Ray himself, where it is revealed that Ray sold TK off, and shortly after, he killed Ray. A short gunfight occurred between TK and him, where he escaped. Afterwards, TK, aided by Maria, who crossed paths with TK, gave Corrigan a second warning by planting a C4 in his office. A third warning is later sent through Slink's corpse hidden in his limo, which TK brought it to his estate.

In the final mission, he was hunted by TK and Maria and involved in a long chase between his helicopter and TK's car across the city. TK managed to wreck his helicopter, causing it to stall and eventually, fall to the ground. A standoff happened between him, TK, and Maria's goons, where TK is about to shot his head, but Maria arrived and prevent it from happening. He is later given to Maria, and Maria take him away, possibly to torture him because Maria said "if you want to make him suffer, give him to me".

Murders Commited:Edit

  • Rafael Martinez
  • Ray

Mission Appearances:Edit

Driver: Parallel Lines

  • Last Chance (Mentioned in post-mission cinematic)
  • Jail Break (Post-mission cinematic)
  • Kidnap (Boss)
  • Ransom (Boss)
  • The Mexican (Post-mission cinematic)
  • Candy (Post-mission cinematic)
  • Bear Cage (Mentioned)
  • Home Wrecker (Mentioned)
  • Corrigan (Nearly killed)


  • He bears some similarities with some Grand Theft Auto antagonists:
    • Catalina and Massimo Torrini-Like the aforementioned antagonists, he is riding in a helicopter while the protagonists Claude, Toni Cipriani and TK are chasing him from the ground and must Shoot down their helicopters. However, he is the only one (also includes Jimmy Yip who is also in a helicopter) who does not get killed in the Crash
    • Frank Tenpenny-Both Corrigan and Tenpenny are corrupt policemen.

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