Driver: Parallel Lines

Vehicle Style

4-Door Sedan Car


4 (1 driver and 3 passenger)

Related Vehicles


The Colonna is a four door sedan in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Respecting the design of Japanese sedan, it resembles a sixth generation Honda Accord. The rims are used in many Honda cars, including Accord. The name of the car might be derived from Toyota Corolla, but there is no hint that the car resembles a Corolla. The front bumper is similar to that from the Hyundai Tiburon.

Performance Edit

Based on a V6 engine, acceleration is somewhat more sluggish than it competitor. Top speed is average, handling is grippy with some understeer on it. Crash deformation is acceptable for a sedan as the engine smokes for two high speed front impact.

Variants Edit

Locations Edit

  • Most common spawn in New Jersey

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