Information Edit

Type: Race
Race event

Main Objective: Finish the race in 1st or 2nd

Vehicle: Audi TT RS

Plot Edit

The dad of the two sons, Ayumu and Jun, said that Ayumu will go to the college in San Francisco with the help of Jun. Their dad knows that a lot of possibilities can happen in San Francisco to earn funds. Their only way is to win the race, anytime, anywhere, not for stealing... This is your first challenge to race against your opponents. If you didn't win all races in San Francisco, they will go back to Nagoya, with nothing!

Race Map Edit


Source: The brightness and details are edited and created by wikia editor Jcpesa19.

Story Edit

Conversations Edit

Ayumu: Jun, I'm just being realistic. You've never raced before.

Jun: Ayumu, please. I'm nervous enough already. Either we win the cash for your tuition or we're on an airplane to Nagoya, and -

Ayumu: And it's the family business, and jail before we're forty.

Jun: You're going to college, Ayumu. We're not going to end up like dad and Uncle Joji.

Objectives Edit

  • Finish the race in 1st or 2nd. Cross 20 checkpoints to the finish line.

Trick: You can shift any cars from northbound to crash the racers face-to-face until their damage becomes zero.

Note: If one racer's damage is zero, a message occurs, "An Opponent Retired!". If all opponents retire, automatically, you win the race.

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