• Miami, Florida
  • Nice, France
  • Istanbul, Turkey

Miami, FloridaEdit

The starting point of the game, and Tanner's home town, Miami is a beautiful environment that allows peaceful relaxation at it's gorgeous beaches and calm town. This is the base of operations during the first part of the game, and is where the beginning of Driv3r starts off. All characters encountered, and Tanner himself, speak with American-style English dialects in this location.

Nice, FranceEdit

The second of the three areas in Driv3r, Tanner goes to this French city after all of the missions in Miami have been completed. A different variety of vehicles are available here, and all NPCs encountered that are not relative to the story or that are enemies all speak a French dialect. This city is also available from the start via Take a Drive.

Istanbul, TurkeyEdit

The final city that Tanner visits, this is the first and last city seen at the beginning and the end of the game, respectively. It is part of the opening credits and is the locale of the hospital at the end of the game. Every NPC that is either an enemy or a bystander speaks with a Turkish dialect in this location. There are a unique set of vehicles in this area as well, as with Nice and Miami. You must complete Miami and Nice missions to unlock this in Take a Drive.

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