"It's okay, I'm gonna shoot you in the head." - Jericho telling that to Tanner in Driver 2

Charles Jericho
Charles Jericho
Born 1969
Height 6' 4" (1.93m)
Car Driven Dodge RAM SRT-10
Appearances The Wheelman, The Wheelman is Back - Codename: Sailor V, Wheelman X, Driver 2, Driv3r, Driver: San Francisco

Charles Jericho is a major crime lord and Detective John Tanner's long time arch rival in the Driver Series.

He is the main antagonist in the Driver Series, Although the secondary antagonist in Driver 2 and the main antagonist in DRIV3R and Driver San Francisco.

In Driver: San Francisco he is 42 years old

Rivalry with John TannerEdit

Driver 2Edit

Tanner learns from Jones that Jericho has arrived in Havana, having learnt of Lenny's betrayal, and plans to kill
Jericho driver2

Jericho in Driver 2

all of Lenny's men at a hotel in Central Havana. Tanner and Jones follow Jericho to the hotel, where Tanner is unable to prevent Jericho from killing the men, but nonetheless rams Jericho off the road in a chase. Tanner and Jericho then form a truce and head to Vegas to meet Caine.

After the two shoot down Lenny's helicopter in Rio de Janeiro, Tanner betrays Jericho and runs off to find Lenny, ending the alliance.

Driver 3Edit

Tanner meets Jericho in a warehouse in Nice, France when he is after the person who is behind the car thefts of South Beach gang. Jericho guns down a French Interpol agent who was working with Tanner, and is about to kill

Jericho in Driver 3

Tanner, but he manages to escape.

Tanner, Jones and Vauban follow Jericho to Istanbul where Tanner brings down Lomaz and Calita, Jericho's main goons. After chasing Jericho who is escaping in a train, Tanner, Jones and Vauban bring down the remaining goons of Jericho and Tanner personally takes down Jericho, severely injuring him. Tanner points his gun at Jericho, but leaves him alone and walks away. Jericho takes the opportunity and shoots Tanner in the back. Both appear in a hospital, and one of them flat-lines but the doctor uses a defibrillator on him.

Driver: San FranciscoEdit

Jericho and Tanner survive the shootout and Jericho is put into prison in San Francisco. Tanner and Jones also move there. They arrive to see Jericho transported into prison, but end up chasing him when he escapes with the

Jericho in Driver San Francisco

help of some hired thugs; Leila Sharan and an unknown prison guard. While in pursuit, Tanner and Jones are rammed off the road by Jericho, and are hit hard by a truck. Jones survives, but Tanner is put into coma. Tanner figures out Jericho's plan in his dream world while battling Jericho's more powerful Shift powers. When he wakes up, he immediately goes after Jericho. Both are about to collide into each other when Jones shows up in a police SUV and crashes Jericho, putting him into coma.


Jericho drives a blue Cadillac in the introduction scene of Driver 2 but also drives a 1965 Ford Thunderbird in the one of the story levels of Rio. In Driver 3, there's no official car Jericho drives in and in Driver San Fransisco, he drives a Dodge Ram pickup truck in Tanner's coma dream and in the final stages of the story.

Trivia Edit

-In the game The Crew (another game made by Ubisoft) In the Final race of the game there is a CPU racer named Jericho, the mission takes place in LA, but he drives an Alfa Romeo 8C, and has no dialogue and no significant role other than a racer that will almost always lose, so it could be either an Easter Egg or just a coincidence.