Driver: Renegade 3D takes place before the events of Driver and Driver 2. It features returning characters like Tanner and newer ones.

Major CharactersEdit


These are the protagonists of the game. (Ballard is later revealed an antagonist.)

John TannerEdit

John Tanner is the main protagonist of the game. After the first Driver, Tanner left the police force, upset over the corruption of the department. When he saves Senator Ballard from a gangster, he is allowed to ignore the law to take down 5 crime-lords.

Senator Andrew BallardEdit

Senator Andrew Ballard is the main antagonist (though thought to be a protagonist) of the game. When Tanner saves him from a gangster, Ballard offers to let him ignore the law in order to take down the 5 crime lords. He is actually the ring leader of the crime ring. Arrested at the end of the game.

Warren NolanEdit

Warren Nolan is Ballard's chief of security. He assists Tanner throughout the game. He is an ex-combat veteran and marksman sniper. Killed by Tanner.

Jonah RamseyEdit


The 5 crime-lords Tanner must take down.

Jonah Ramsey is one of the 5 crime lords. He specializes in the sale of drugs. He is killed by Tanner.

John WoodworthEdit

John Woodworth (nicknamed "the Pimp of Wall Street") is one of the 5 crime lords. He specializes in prostitution, owning a line of massage parlors that are actually fronts for prostitution rings. He is killed by Tanner.

Leonard AshtonEdit

Leonard Ashton (nicknamed "the Wizard of Wall Street") is one of the 5 crime lords. He specializes in sub-prime swindling and selling bogus mortgages. He makes bundles of money doing so. He is killed by Tanner.

Dr. LewisEdit

Dr. Lewis is one of the 5 crime-lords. He specializes in organ trafficking. He is killed by Tanner.

Lena RobinsEdit

Lena Robins is one of the 5 crime-lords. She specializes in dealing weapons and arms. Her boyfriend's name is Kevin. She is killed by Nolan before she can tell Tanner that Ballard is the ringleader. Her murder is pinned on Tanner.

Minor CharactersEdit

The NittyEdit

The Nitty is a killer hired by Ramsey to kill Ballard. The plan is foiled by Tanner who saves Ballard from him. The nitty was sentenced to life in prison.

"Sledgehammer" BobbyEdit

"Sledgehammer" Bobby is an ex-snitch who runs his own autoshop. He gave up snitching to the police due to the power of mobs in the city. Tanner interrogates him for information on Ballard's kidnapping.

Sergeant Gordon BluntEdit

Gordon Blunt is a police officer for the NYPD. He is friends with Tanner.

Megan MooneyEdit

Megan Mooney is a wannabe star who ended up trapped in Woodworth's prostitution ring. Tanner saves her from the ring and they shortly date. However, she is killed in an explosion meant to kill Tanner.

Captain McKenzieEdit

McKenzie was Tanner's boss before the events of Renegade. He hates Tanner because of how he refused to take his badge back in Driver 1, embarrassing him in front of the president.

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