[Driver-Parallel Lines](Muscle-1978 Era)Cerva


Driver: Parallel Lines

Description Edit

The Cerva is a vehicle in Driver Parallel Lines, and is based on a Buick Riviera. The car has a sleek and long style body. The Cerva appears most commonly in the 1978 era, and is slightly uncommon in the 2006 era.

Performance Edit

The cars performance is below average.

Top speed: 110 MPH

Acceleration 0 - 60 MPH 6 seconds

Handling: Handling is poor, struggling to follow the players commands, taking a slow and steady approach is best for the Cerva

Trivia Edit

  • The Cerva is possibly a newer version of the Andec, since both Cerva & Andec are based on the Buick Riviera.