The Cerrano is a muscle car featured in Driver: Parallel Lines.


Lemire Cerrano in Driver: Parallel Lines


The Cerrano is loosely based on a 1973 Plymouth Roadrunner.  Its front clip however is closely remniscent of the AMC Javelin.  The car in game is designed by Lemire, as seen on the back and the front.


As an old muscle car it has a very good performance. The top speed of the car is 90-95 mph when in standard model. After tune up, this car will have 120 mph top speed and mighty 140 mph after full tune up and use the nitrous. The handling is not bad in standard model but after full tune up, this car will be a little slippery and you need to take care when driving at high speeds.


It's available in garage from beginning of the game and it was the first car that the player will drive. TK drives it to pick a punk after he robs a liquor store and later it is chased by Zartex. It's a common car in 1978 era and will be uncommon in 2006 era unless the player is currently driving one.


  • The original name given was "Coyote", but was later changed for unknown reasons.
  • It's TK's main car, as it was shown in beginning cutscene and later in a cutscene where TK and Slink meet the Mexican. It was shown yet again during the 2006 era intro, where Ray arrived to Sing Sing Prison. It is painted in dark blue.
  • The car makes an appearance in the Wii version of Driver: San Francisco under the name "Coyote", which was the original name for the Cerrano.
  • The car also makes an appearance in Driver: Renegade 3D under the name "Knife V8".

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