Candy is one of the main antagonists of Driver: Parallel Lines

Appearances in erasEdit

He was first mentioned in the post-mission cinematic of "Last Chance" by Bishop, who under Corrigan's instructions, wants to set Candy out of prison for undisclosed motif. Later on, it is revealed that Candy is a great criminal mastermind, something that Corrigan essentially need for a large-scale criminal activity, which is kidnapping Rafael Martinez, a Colombian cocaine cartel leader.

After escaping the jail through the hands of TK, Candy sets a plan to weaken the Colombian cartel. First, he asked TK to steal a car belonging to two of the Colombian goons and rig it with a bomb to weaken the Cartel's defense, and then, he goes directly onto the main event: the kidnap itself.

After rigging the goon's car, Candy gathers the gang to discuss the kidnap. The kidnap was a huge success for the gang, with Martinez "safely" in the hands of the gang, only to be killed by Corrigan.

In 2006, Candy opens a movers company, and recently bought an estate in Englewood. TK, seeking revenge because of the set-up, pays visit to his house (by the help of Maria, Candy's personal assistant), only to be drugged by two of his employees before escaping the estate and goes on a dangerous chase and managed to kill Candy despite being unhealthy (experiencing side-effects from drugs that was injected before).

Mission appearancesEdit

  • Last Chance (mentioned at post-mission cinematic)
  • Gift Wrapped
  • Kidnap
  • Candy (killed in a chase)

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